Sunday, October 18, 2009

pyCologne Python User Group, Cologne, Germany, October, 14th Notes

The Python User Group Cologne (pyCologne) met on October, 14th at the computer centre of the University of Cologne. The meeting was attended by 19 people. German speakers might want to refer to our wiki page which you can reach at moment only on Group Köln/

This time we had two talks about Google Wave. Many thanks to Alexander Benker and Andi Albrecht:

Overview of Google Wave (Alexander Benker)

Alexander gave a detailed overview of Google Wave. He presented the elements of Google Wave (Wave, Wavelet, Blip) as well as its architecture. Furthermore, he described Wave's extensibility using Robots and Gadgets and presented some examples among them a Robot for Syntax-Highlighting.

The full talk is available on Slideshare:

Google Wave Robots in Python (Andi Albrecht)

Andi showed how to program robots for Wave using Python. As an example he presented a robot which sets the color of a certain letter sequence to red while typing a text.
You can have a look at Andi's example robot watching the screencast.

Google Wave, Discussion

There developed a lively discussion and Q&A about Wave's technology and possible use-cases.

SetupTools vs. Distribute

Christopher Arndt encourages discussion about using SetupTools or Distribute.

The cause are recent blog-entries by Phillip J. "PJ" Eby:

The minutes of the meeting in German language can be found here.

The next meeting will be held on, Wednesday, November, 11th.

Most of the participants enjoyed the rest of the evening in our usual italian restaurant having food, drinks and friendly conversation.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

pyCologne Python User Group, Cologne, Germany, October, 14th, Announcement

The next meeting of pyCologne will take place

Wednesday, October, 14th
starting about 6.30 pm - 6.45 pm
at Room 0.14, Benutzerrechenzentrum (RRZK-B)
University of Cologne, Berrenrather Str. 136, 50937 Köln, Germany

  • Google Wave (Andi Albrecht, Florian Scheel)

At about 8.30 pm we will as usual enjoy the rest of the evening in a nearby restaurant.

Further information including directions how to get to the location can be found at:öln (Sorry, this page is in German only)