Tuesday, April 1, 2008

IV GruPy-SP meeting in Santos - Feb, 22 and 23

The GruPy-SP (São Paulo Python User Group) February meeting was held at SENAI Santos. It was a two-day event, one day for talks and the other for the Python Bug Day.

First day - Feb, 22 - Talks

Luciano Ramalho and Pedro Werneck talked to approximately 140 students, professors and professionals at SENAI Santos.

Luciano talked about Python being used by big companies as a “secret weapon”, he showed some Python code including PyGame and Django examples and interactive sessions using the Python console.

Pedro showed some of the versatility of Python presenting a script that manipulates a device plugged in the computer parallel port, some web apps and a GUI application using Tkinter.

Most of the audience was not familiar to Python and this was their first contact with the language.

Second day - Feb, 23 - Python Bug Day

14 members of the GruPy-SP went to Santos to work on the Python Bug Day.

The sprint started at 10h00 led by Luciano Ramalho and Rodrigo Bernardo Pimentel (RBP). We listed the bugs that we thought we could fix and then started working in pairs. The sprint went until 16h00 and we fixed five bugs.

Thanks to everyone who attended, specially to Sandro Fernandes and Ricardo Guinody who organized this meeting.

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