Friday, June 22, 2007

Cambridge Boston Python June Podcast

The June meeting was a big success. We had two guest speakers and covered a lot of ground.
  1. George Lambert, Goldenware Technology
  2. Mike Pittaro, SnapLogic open source data integration Project implemented in 100% Python
We attempted to do a podcast of the meeting, but the audio is rather poor. Please check out the first file first, and only down load the others if you can withstand it.

NOTE: The audio is extremely soft at points and at the beginning, so you will need to crank the volume up.

  • Introductions and Django.June recap (mp3, ogg)
  • Mass TLC recap, and an extensive discussion on GPLv3, Licensing, Patents, and Python (mp3, ogg)
  • Ligntning rounds with George Lambert and Mike Pittaro. (mp3, ogg)
  • Open Discussion (mp3, ogg)
More details on the event can be found here.

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