Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cambridge Python Podcasts and Slides Available, Silverlight and Storm

The audio for the July and August Cambridge Boston Meetups are now available.

The July 18th meetup was a dive into Silverlight by Chris Bowen of Microsoft. Unfortunately, the audio is of very poor quality, and the real value of the presentation was watching Silverlight, IronPython, and FireFox in action. Most of the applications required no client side code or plugins, which is no small feat, and rather unexpected given Microsoft's history.

The August 15th meetup was all about the new ORM from Canonical, Storm. Chris Armstrong from Canonical gives a fantastic dive into the database front end. He started the presentation asking that people hold off on questions about how Storm differs from other ORM's out there, and then proceeded to answer those questions before they were asked. The slides for the presentation are also available. We have switched to some better audio equipment, so the audio is audible. (NOTE: 170Mhz wireless mic + 170Mhz wireless mouse = interference.)

(Sorry we do not yet have ogg versions)
  • Cambridge Python Meetup, July 18th - Silverlight, Chris Bowen - Microsoft (mp3, ogg)
  • Cambridge Python Meetup, Aug. 15th - Storm ORM, Chris Armstrong - Canonical (mp3, ogg, odp)

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