Thursday, September 13, 2007

Announcing Python North-West

On the wave of the great time we had at PyCon UK, it was decided we should have a proper mailing list dedicated to English North-West-based Python users, so here it is!

The list is open to everyone in the North-West of England who loves coding/playing/enjoying Python. Members are not expected to know their django from their pylons or their pyqt from their wxwindows... and certainly they don't need to pronounce WSGI.

See the Python North-West homepage on GoogleGroups for info on subscribing. There is also a "dummy" Facebook group pointing to the list (it would be great to have some sort of gateway between FB and generic mailing lists, I can't believe FB developers didn't think about it). I'd personally be interested in hearing about other groups' experiences with social software of any kind...

Our first meeting is scheduled to happen in the first week of october, with topics still TBD (submissions more than welcome!). We are looking for a suitable venue, which should have decent Wi-Fi (free if possible), refreshments not too far off, and possibly a projector or big screen. Since it's a fairly scattered group, I'd like to look into some sort of "backup" plan for people who cannot be there in person (it's 2007, how hard can it be, right...?)

That's it for now, I'll report more info as soon as we finalize our plans.

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