Sunday, December 9, 2007

pyCologne Python User Group, Cologne, Germany, Nov 14, Notes

The Python User Group in Cologne usually meets at the computer centre of the University of Cologne. The meetings are attended usually by about 15 people. People speaking German might want to refer to our Wiki-Page:

After welcoming and introducing the new participants Klaus Bremer, Thomas Wittek and Vidar Andersen, we got down to the main topics of the evening:

A decision was taken for our future logo. It has been selected by internet vote from several proposals. It will be fine-tuned by the creator and then published.

Possible topics for the following meetings were discussed . Among them MoinMoin 1.6, Python 3.0, Coding-Styles and corresponding tools, the editor vi(m) and Eclipse's PyDev.

In our series "My favourite editor" Rebecca Breu introduced the emacs-editor and its Python capabilities:
  • excellent navigation, especially using the keyboard
  • python-mode providing code-completion
  • independend from the programming language
  • stack for copy and paste
  • code templates
  • highly customizable
Furthermore, pyCologne celebrated its 1st year anniversary which led to a review of what happened and possible activities in the future:

Review: 13 meetings, 4 different locations, an average of 14.42 participients, 21 presentations, 12 lecturers

Future activities and wishlist:
  • More discussion within the meetings
  • There is the wish for a better room. Although the room provides beamer, internet connection and is free of charge, it is not feasible for discussions (several rows of computer desks)
  • Discussion about financing a better room, activities or advertising.
  • Establish cooperation with the city of cologne and schools
  • Organisation of Sprints or a Python-Camp
Like usual the formal part was followed by socialising and having pizza, beer and other refreshments in a near restaurant.

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