Sunday, January 13, 2008

pyCologne Python User Group, Cologne, Germany, Jan 9, Notes

The Python User Group in Cologne met at the computer centre of the University of Cologne. The meeting was attended by 14 people. German speakers might want to refer to our wiki page:

After welcoming and introducing new participants we got to the main topics of the meeting. This time the creator of the pyCologne Logo Michael Weigend joined the Meeting.

Firstly, there were some announcements made by Christopher Arndt:
  • On April 12th, 13th there will be held the Ruby & Python Conference (RuPy) in Poznan, Poland. They are looking for the contribution of additional talks.
    Please refer to:

Furthermore, the discussion about the pyCologne Logo was continued and a final decision has been taken.
You can see the new pyCologne Logo at the beginning of this post.

This time two talks were be held:

The Publisher/Subscriber-Pattern (Christopher Arndt)
  • Definition
  • Classification
  • Characteristics of the Implementation in Python
  • Centralized vs. distributed architecture (Event-Broker)
  • Synchronous vs. asynchronous passing of events
  • Usage examples: Graphical-User-Interfaces, Logging-Systems, Games
A talk about the MoinMoin Wiki (Reimar Bauer, member of the MoinMoin core team)
  • The home-page of MoinMoin can be found at
  • Since version 1.6 the desktop edition has been build into the main package. (The desktop edition allows you to download and run your own Wiki on your Computer in no time.)
  • Creole as a attempt to create a standardized Wiki-Language
  • Packaging of Wiki-Pages into ZIP-files and automatted synchronizing of Wikis
  • Configuration of access-control using hierarchical Access-Control-Lists (ACL)
  • Introduction into the directory and file organisation which make up the Wiki-pages
  • The (German) slides can be found at:
The next meeting will be held on, Wednesday, February, 13th.

The minutes of the meeting in German language can be found here.

As usual the formal part was followed by having pizza and nice conversation in a nearby restaurant.

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