Monday, August 25, 2008

pyCologne Python User Group, Cologne, Germany, August 13th Notes

The Python User Group in Cologne met at the computer centre of the University of Cologne. The meeting was attended by 16 people. German speakers might want to refer to our wiki page:

This time we had as a special guest Guy Kloss, who introduced the New Zealand Python User Group (NZPUG)
and held his talk about Python/C++-Integration:

Thinking Hybrid - Python/C++ Integration (Guy Kloss)
Past Events
Upcoming Events
  • "wxPython in Action" (Noel Rappin, Robin Dunn)

  • "Python für Kids" (Gregor Lingl) - Introduction to Python for children

  • "Turtle Geometry" (Harold Abelson, Andrea diSessa) - A book diving into the mathematics of Turtle-Graphics


The following Web-Pages were presented during the meeting:
The minutes of the meeting in German language can be found here.

The next meeting will be held on, Wednesday, September, 10th.

Like usual we enjoyed the rest of the evening in our usual italian restaurant having food, drinks and friendly conversation.

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