Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Omaha Python Users Group, January 7, Notes

Meeting/Talk Topics:
  • CherryPy and Adobe Flex (Jeff Hinrichs) - Jeff showed a standard CherryPy + Cheetah application that he used as a base and then how he integrated Adobe Flex for a spiffed up interface. A code walk through was given featuring the MXML used and the Flex Builder for Linux alpha
  • Wing IDE (Charles Kaminski) - Charles had a great presentation on the Wing IDE Charles ran a completely live presentation showing code intelligence, debugging and lots of other goodies that Wing has to offer Python programmers. It was such a good presentation that I am seriously considering buying it.
  • A number of people attending retold their stories of their first exposure to Python and how they get to use Python at work.

It was a great meeting. Charles brought up the idea of possibly finding a mid-town watering hole and having the meetings in a back room. So if anyone knows of a place that supports both libations and presentations in the mid-town area please let us know.

A partial list of other topics discussed include:

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