Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TuPLE (Tucson, AZ) - March recap

There seems to be a good bit of interest in Python in the Tucson area, with new attendees from the UofA and several local companies who use Python for their daily work.

Ben Reynwar gave us an intro to Django, including basic project setup and routing urls to python methods.

Lucas Taylor introduced the Twisted framework and basic concepts including the Reactor, Deferreds, and Protocols. Demo code was shown to illustrate the basics of a simple server implementation.

Dave Thompson gave his Flash & Python talk. Included an overview of what Flash and Flex are, the AMF (Adobe Messaging Format), and python tools used for parsing and encoding objects in AMF. Discussed pyAMF and his own new library AmFast.  AmFast is an AMF3 encoder/decoder implemented for speed. Initial tests show an 18x increase in speed for the encode/decode operations.   Slides available on the limscoder blog

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