Friday, April 24, 2009

TuPLE (Tucson, AZ) - April recap

The TuPLE (Tucson, AZ) group met on Monday, April 20th, attended by 10 members.
We had some good conversation and it was great to see more new faces show up. 

Rich Saunders gave a presentation on Pycon 09, touching on some issues relevant to his work at Rincon Research. 
General discussion of Pycon structure (tutorials, general conference, sprints), Lightning Talks, and Open Spaces.

3 of our members attended Pycon. Generally agreed the lightning talks and open spaces were popular and enjoyable conference additions.

All pycon videos are available at 

Pycon Tutorial sessions ( were filmed and are available 
in addition to the talks and general conference videos. These look to 
be a great resource for in-depth exploration of python topics, from 
Python 101 to "A Curious Course on Coroutines and Concurrency" 


O'Reilly User Group program 
We are now part of the O'Reilly UG program, which offers benefits to 
us as members (35% discount and free review copies)

Details and registration for other user groups available here:


We also briefly discussed setting up a website for the group using Google App Engine as an exercise/group project. There seems to be some interest in possible group projects or hack days, but there wasn't much in the way of commitment moving forward. We aren't using so it would be nice to have an RSVP function and a more active web presence than the google group.

Encouraged members to bring in their projects/code samples for group review and discussion for the next meeting. 

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