Monday, July 6, 2009

pyCologne Python User Group, Cologne, Germany, June 10th Notes

The Cologne Python User Group met on June, 10th at the computer centre of the University of Cologne. The meeting was attended by 11 people. German speakers might want to refer to our wiki page

Proposals for upcoming pyCologne-Sessions
  • Daniel Hepper offers a talk about the Web-Framework Django
Todays Talk: Mercurial (Reimar Bauer)
  • Version-Control-Systems in General
  • Distributed Version-Control-Systems
  • Introduction into Mercurial (init, update, ...)
  • Clones, pull and push operations
You can find the talk (in German language) at

The minutes of the meeting in German language can be found here.

The next meeting will be held on, Wednesday, July, 8th.

We enjoyed the rest of the evening in our usual italian restaurant having food, drinks and friendly conversation.

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