Tuesday, January 11, 2011

COhPy: Writing and Using Django Reusable Apps (For Beginners)

The Central Ohio Python Users Group is starting its second year with a bang. With over 100 members in the meetup, and regularly 20+ in attendance, as well as a weekly "Dojoe", the Central Ohio Python Users Group has something for every Python or aspiring Python programmer.

On January 31 at 6:30pm at TechColumbus, Isaac Kelly, who gets paid to write Python every day (lucky guy!), will be presenting the reusable app paradigm of Django by example. Django is designed so that you can easily create and reuse components. He will be walking through an example project, which places to use reusable components of projects like Pinax, and which areas to go off on your own.

Topics Covered:
  • Users
  • Authentication
  • Profiles
  • Email Management
  • Making Models
  • Generic Views
  • Admin customizing
  • On-Site editing with Servee (because I really can't resist ;)
Our ATOM (Austin's/Awesome Thing Of The Month) talk this month will be on "Mobile Devices for Python Users" by Vijay Shan.

If you are in the central Ohio area on January 31, come join us!

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