Monday, April 21, 2008

Global Python Sprint Weekends

(a distributed gathering)

  • May 10th (Sat) face-to-face meetings
  • May 11th (Sun) online collaboration
  • Jun 21st (Sat) face-to-face meetings
  • Jun 22nd (Sun) online collaboration
Saturday is nominated as the day for Python usergroups to meet up in person.

Sunday is geared more towards an online collaboration day via IRC, where we
can take care of all the little things that got in our way of coding on
Saturday (like finalising/preparing/reviewing patches, updating tracker and
documentation, writing tests ;-).


At a Gathering of Your Local Usergroup

For User Groups that are planning on meeting up to collaborate, please reply
to this thread on the python-dev mailing list at and let everyone
know your intentions!

In the #python-dev IRC Chatroom

As is commonly the case, #python-dev on will be the place
to be over the course of each sprint weekend; a large proportion of Python
developers with commit access will be present, increasing the amount of eyes
available to review and apply patches.


To build on the successful sprint/bugfix weekends in the past, and the
sprinting efforts at PyCon 2008, let's collaborate remotely and tackle some
of those nasty bugs or cool features for pre-releases of Python 2.6 and/or
3.0. Or improve the documentation.

All contributors that submit code patches or documentation updates will
typically get listed in Misc/ACKS.txt; come September when the final release
of 2.6 and 3.0 come about, you'll be able to point at the tarball or .msi
and exclaim loudly "I helped build that!'', and actually back it up with
hard evidence ;-)


Not sure what to work on? For those that haven't the foggiest on what to
work on, the Python Bug Tracker is the best place to start. Create a login
account and start searching for issues that you'd be able to lend a hand with.

For those that have an idea on areas they'd like to sprint on and want to
look for other developers to rope in (or just to communicate plans in
advance), please also feel free to jump on this thread via the
python-dev mailing list and indicate your intentions.

Read more on the Python Bug Day wiki page, such as about the version
control repository.

We hope to see you there!

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